Using Windows

My new work is mostly a Windows shop, so I have to deal with Windows as a daily driver for the first time in over a decade. A few observations, starting with the positives:

Okay, onto the negatives:


The disgusting orange moron will not be reelected. He might stay in power, but there is no way he's going to get enough votes to do it legally. His failure in this pandemic is too large to ignore, too profoundly of his own making and too close to an election. He was always going to cheat, because that's what he did the first time. This time, desperation is added to his already potent mixture of endless ego, willfull ignorance, and complete ineptitude. We've entered the final stage of whatever hell we're in. Either democracy in America, already limping, shouting about aliens with its dick hanging out, barely survives for another term, or we're all fucked for good.

Under The Rainbow


Know. Where.

New Job

Big news everyone: I’m starting a new job tomorrow. Well, technically my first day is today, but it’s a holiday around here, so there’s that. Anyway. I’m going to be a Junior DevOps Engineer for DB Dialog. I should probably read this, eh?

Yep, you inferred that right. DB Dialog is of course part of Deutsche Bahn. I’m working for Deutsche Bahn now. That Deutsche Bahn. (Now’s the chance to get your dumb jokes in before it’s old news!) I’m excited and terrified at the same time. It’s a big place to work at, and I’ve never worked with others developers. Remember, I was the only IT person at my last job, which was my first full-time IT thing. This is going to be a big change and it’ll probably be a while before I feel completely comfortable with the situation.

I will of course continue blogging here, but remember: The views on this blog are my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of my employer. I’ll add a disclaimer to the About Page as well.

Buck Naked

Not only has the emperor no clothes, he's screaming at the top of his lungs about it, while furiously masturbating at anyone in sight.

Silencio Is Canon

David Lynch used to have a website where he produced all kinds of stuff specifically for the internet. That was in the early 2000s and it was all Flash, if memory serves. Short films, experiments, all kinds of stuff. The Rabbits segments in Inland Empire were originally published there. (No one but me and 7 other people even remembers Inland Empire, which is a damn shame, because it’s one of the most exciting movies of the last twenty years. But I digress.) He also did a daily weather report by literally looking out the window and telling the viewer what he saw.

It was very David Lynch.

Well, the weather report is back! This time around it’s a Youtube channel (because 2020). The weather in L.A. has zero relevance to me or my life, but it’s just a very nice, low-key thing to tune in to each day. Especially now with everything.

(And no, I don’t think the report is Twin Peaks canon. Unlike Mulholland Drive. #Silencio).

Lonely Money

Joe Rogan has signed an exclusive deal with Spotify, which will see his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, disappear from all other platforms.

via BBC

Cue a bunch of low to mid level podcasters who will now flock to Spotify in chase of the big bucks. What they don’t realize:

But money wants more money, because money is lonely.

Holy Bejebus

I mean we knew that decades of hateful Republican policy and rhetoric paired with Trumps sheer incompetence would absolutely crater the U.S. economy in a real crisis, but…Holy Bejebus! This is nuts!

That Buscemi Gif

I quite like that Future Nostalgic record does that mean I'm not old yet hashtag with the tIMeS

Rebooting The Black Dog Comics Website

I’m exhausted.

I mean, we're all exhausted now. You are inside and washing your hands constantly? Good. Keep doing that.

I wanted to write a big old blog post about this, and I still do. I will. But I don't have the stomach for it at the moment. I can only do a small one. Go visit and see what I've been working on for the past >insert time that doesn't sound ridiculous<.

It's a complete rewrite of a 20-year old site. The old color scheme is used to ease the transition, but other than that it's All-New. Rebooted. Like the X-Men. There is very little JavaScript. The site is actually fully operational without it; all the little bits and bobs on there are just conveniences. The way it should be. It's responsive, adheres to modern web standards, and buttons sort of, kinda look like buttons. Take that, flat-shaded minimalism! No trackers, no ad-tech, no garbage.

Obviously the content is all Black Dogs. Their comic book store is the finest in all of Berlin and one of my favorite places in the multiverse. Go visit once this Corona thing blows over, will ya? But until then:

Now's the perfect time to get some reading done!

I don't know if you've noticed it, but most stores are closed to foot traffic. That's probably not good for the bottom line. But! Mail order is still possible. Soooo. You can check out the newly designed website and browse to your hearts content. If you find something that piques your curiosity...Order It! Every little bit helps.

We're all in this together.

Finally, I would like to thank Dirk-Martin, Patrick, and Tobias (alphabetically) for their trust in me. I've greatly enjoyed working with you guys, and I'm looking forward to more of it. I've got feature ideas coming out of my ears. Black Dog Hoverboard anyone?!

(Sorry about all the bugs and stuff. I'll get right on fixing the next one.)

Oh, and before I forget:

If you like the design of that site, or this very site right here: you could totally hire me. I'm still between jobs. Just send me an electronic mail and we'll figure something out. We don't even have to meet in person because >manically waves hands<.

Stay safe, indoors, and WASH YOUR HANDS!

Mandalorian First Impressions

I’ve waited for the European launch of Disney Plus to watch the Mandalorian, because I’m a grown-ass adult and I can wait for things. I have watched the first episode now’s fine. Going through the motions of Star Wars...stuff. I get it. People love that.

Werner Herzog is amazing and I would watch him narrate a history of the Empire any day of the week. The effects were good and I think I saw some puppets in there as well?

It’s comfort food. Yet another confirmation that Disney has no interest in continuing the themes of The Last Jedi. At least for now. Never say never and all that. But the people have spoken, and the people want Star Wars to do and say what it did and said 40 years ago, over and over again.

2.5/5 Parsec.

Wash Your Hands

Youtube announced they would reduce the quality of their videos for 30 days in the EU. Joke's on them, because I only use it to stream bootlegs of old films anyway.

In all seriousness, though: Stay safe, indoors, and WASH YOUR HANDS. This is not the common cold, folks!

Good Damage

Diane: If I don't write my book of essays now, I never will!

Princess Carolyn: So? Don't write your book of essays.

Diane: I have to!

Princess Carolyn: Why?

Diane: Because if I don't, that means that all the damage I got isn't good damage, it's just… damage.

Bojack Horseman, Season 6, Episode 10 "Good Damage"

There's not a lot that I have to add here. I loved that stupid horse show, because it was funny, and sad, and real in a way that most live-action shows are not. Diane is my favorite character and that exchange in particular hit very close to home for me. I've had conversations like that. I am trying to come to grips with a thing like that right now!

I'm not crazy about the "golden age of television" like most people are, but Bojack truly was one of the good ones.

It was nice while it lasted.

Photography Site

I had a bit of time over the weekend, so I decided to finally put up a Photography site. It's a straightforward grid with pictures and if you click/tap on one, you get the full-sized image. Simple.

They are not sorted by date or anything else, because my goal was not to create another feed you have to check in on, but to provide an immersive space of rest. I haven't decided if I will create a blog post every time I add new pictures or not. We'll see what feels right.

Another small tweak: At the bottom of the page, right next to the Archive, is now a link to the RSS Feed. My friend Philipp pointed out that such a link was missing. Thanks, Philipp. 😄

Mobile Note To Self

I should come up with an easier way to post to this blog from my phone. Maybe write a small Shortcut? I haven't done much with Shortcuts, but this strikes me as a good use case. A share extension that pushes a text file onto the server and then invokes the publish script. It's simple and self-contained. Hm.