Apple Music Feature Request

I like Apple Music playlists a bunch, so I add them to my library all the time. Problem is, they're stored as a list in the sidebar. Which, uh, is suboptimal if you've added more than ten. What I want is to have a view where I can see the cover art. Basically, the album view, but for playlists. Also, a way to pin favorite lists to the top would be nice. That would be super, thanks.

Mystery Tease 02

Look at that, another mysterious image:


Granted, that doesn't look all that different from the one I posted a while ago, but it does mark progress. While the first tease was generated in code just to get it up and running, this one is generated from data, specifically JSON:


That means I can swap stuff in and out, change color, etc., without having to recompile every time. I'm using the excellent JSON For Modern C++ to parse the files on disk. It's super well documented, simple, and makes it feel as if JSON was a native type in C++. Plumbing, ftw.

I'm adding items next, so an upcoming tease will have grey boxes and probably some text. Exciting!

Thrice Upon A Time

Yes, I promised to write something more substantial about Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. And I will. I just haven't found the time yet. For now, this will have to do:

  1. There are problems. They are mostly the same problem as with every other Tarantino film.
  2. Brad Pitt!
  3. The Spahn Ranch sequence is just perfect. Could be released as a short.
  4. I liked it so much I will probably see it two more times in the theater before the end of the month.

At The Movies

I'm about to head out to watch the new Quentin Tarantino movie. Two weeks late, because someone decided in their infinite wisdom that staggering a release by country is a thing you do in 2019. 😒

I'm pretty excited. I wanted to make a concerted effort to watch more movies in the theater this year, but I haven't managed to do it for various reasons. So this will be only the second original film I've seen in the theater this year. ( I've seen all the Marvel ones, natch.) The other one was Vox Lux, which I enjoyed.

I couldn't escape some of the negative reactions online. Yes, obviously there are problems with Tarantino movies. I will most likely write something about them tomorrow.

But tonight I'm going to the movies, get some popcorn, maybe a beer, and watch $90 million arthouse trash.

I think that's pretty cool.

Mystery Tease 01

I'm trying to get better at the whole self-promotion thing, so here's the first tease of something that might become a thing some time in the future.


Top 5 Moments In History

Okay, I've been thinking about this, and here they are: The Top 5 moments in all of history.

5. The Invention Of The Wheel. A biggie, right off the bat. What a moment. Gave us all kinds of stuff: e-scooters, the hamster wheel, you name it! What a moment.
4. The Big Bang Boom! Bet all y'all had that 1, right? Yeah, it's the all-time first moment, buuuut, it's a bit flashy to be number 1, don't you think?
3. Guttenberg As in Steve.
2. Bacon.
1. That time I found a fiver at 3am, went to Mackie D, got a cheeseburger and they put an extra slice of cheese on there. Fucking A.

N00Lyn3 Postmortem

I'm honestly not sure how to feel about this game, now that I've had a day or two to think about it.

On the one hand, it's the first game related thing I've finished from top to bottom in a while. It's pretty much the idea I came up with on Friday, which in itself is sort of weird for me. I usually tend to move farther and farther away from the initial concept as I develop games. This time everything just clicked.

On the other hand, it's a total departure from my current creative output. My stuff has become more abstract as time went on, and I'm pleased with that. I am much less interested in plot and mechanics; instead I care about mood and making people feel something (weird). This game has none of that. It's a purely mechanical exercise.

I feel good about the process, though. I've been noodling on an engine these past couple of weeks, and as a result, I felt much more secure in what I was doing. I didn't hit any big roadblocks and my frustration was kept to a minimum. Not that I didn't have any problems, but at no point did I feel that it was impossible to produce the game I wanted to make, which was a first.

That one problem with the Windows High DPI thing was messed up, though. I made a note to work around that in the future. (Honestly, my insistence to use non-standard aspect ratios is partly at fault here.) Also that whole "let's have a different main function just for Windows" is still bonkers.

I wrote in my shorter post that I might port this to the iPhone, and while the idea is still not 100% dead, it won't happen anytime soon. Again, the process felt good, so I think I will actually try to tackle one of my long gestating ideas now. No, not that one. It's something I haven't talked about yet. Or at the very least build some prototypes for it. See how far I can get it in, oh, let's say, six months. Then re-evaluate.

The journey is the destination and all that.


I'll do a longer post-mortem once I've regenerated. You can download the thing over at

Windows only, at the moment. Sorry. (Again, tired.)

It's a weird one for me, because it's purely based in mechanics. I feel my stuff is best when it's defined by mood, so I have no idea if this thing is working or not. Do tell me, if you think it sucks. Or rocks. Or sucks rocks. Definitely tell me if it sucks rocks.

Gmtk 2019 Update 3

I do get to finish the game on Sunday. Yay, me.

Because everything took way longer than expected (as usual) I've decided against any (semi)cool graphics that I might've done otherwise. Barebones, primary colors it is. I need to finish the gameplay and add some music, at least.

I think it's actually a decent idea that I might explore further. I think I accidentally stumbled onto a thing that I could use to check out Swift again, because it feels very well suited to the phone form factor. We'll see.

For now, onwards!

Gmtk 2019 Update 1

The theme is `Only One`.

I brainstormed an idea last night and it turned out that it works best in 2D. So I'm not using Unity (too much bloat for 2D) and instead going for a "SFML/C++" thing. I should have a workable prototype by noon, if everything works out the way I want it to.

(Ron Howard voice, noon: It didn't.)

Gmtk 2019 Update 2

Suck on that, fake Ron Howard: It's noon(ish) and I have a playable prototype! 🎉


Now all I have to do is make it fun...

Gamemakers Toolkit Jam

So I'm doing this for the next two days:

Game Maker's Toolkit Logo.png

It's been a while since I've jammed something, what with the kids and all.

I feel woefully underprepared, but super motivated. I don't know how much I'll post about it during the jam, but there will be a post-mortem, for sure. I probably won't be able to work on the game on Sunday, so I expect to build something really, really small. Probably just a single joke.

The plan is to Unity/Blender/Garageband, since those are the tools I'm most familiar with. If the theme is something I can work with in a text based game, I'll skip Unity/Blender and go straight to "C++" on the command line.

I don't think I'll stream anything, but if I do, I am on twitch and discord as peter_sc#4892.

Let's Rock.gif


My terminal windows are set in 11 point SF Mono Regular now. I used to have it set to 10 point, but I find it slightly harder to make out now. I guess that's called getting older? I think I'm okay with that. Sort of.

C++ Filesystem Woes

It's 2019 and I have to jump through an insane amount of hoops to get basic filesystem support in C++.

I'm using Boost now, even though I like to avoid pulling in frameworks whenever possible, but the support in llvm on macOS is not there yet. I could use the one provided in the Xcode 11 Beta, but I also try to avoid beta software. (I'm reasonable conservative when it comes to my tools.) I could install a newer version from homebrew, of course, but that's also a hassle. How anyone thought it would be a good idea to wait, oh, thirty years(!) to add fs support to a systems language, is beyond me.

Timed Exclusive

BREAKING: The Steam Launcher is now an Epic Store timed exclusive on PC.