Macbook Air

So, I bought a MacBook Air. Yes, the one with the terrible keyboard.

I found myself on the go a lot more those last few weeks, and I needed (=wanted) a way to do some light work. I have my iPad Pro, of course, but I've hit its limitations way too often. Namely, it is the year 2019 and I still can't run a local server on that damn thing. There are some workarounds, but they're all unsatisfying. Plus, no BBEdit. No current version of Transmit. No command line. At. All.

I prefer doing a lot of stuff on the iPad (drawing, obviously; but also tinkering a bit with music) and I really, really wanted to get to a point where I would need only one mobile device. Touch is a great input method for a lot of things. Heck, I even looked at those damn Surface machines. But Windows is a non-starter, Linux support is spotty, and I really, really love BBEdit. Never underestimate the productivity gains you get from knowing your tools well. Which means the only viable option for my situation was some sort of Macbook.

My priorities for the device were thusly:

  1. Lightness
  2. Price
  3. Speed
  4. TouchID
  5. Color Options

I ended up deciding between a 13" Pro and the Air, and yeah, so I bought a Macbook Air in gold (or whatever that color is). Sue me.

The plan is to use this thing for a year, hope that I don't run into any keyboard troubles, and then trade it in when they come out with a new design. Or get a new iPad once Apple deigns us worthy of a CLI on iOS (ha!).

Other than my (internet stoked) fear that the keyboard could break at any moment I really like it so far. It's quiet, reasonably fast (I've opted for 16 GB RAM), and I can sit on a park bench and work on web dev stuff without grumbling about arbitrary limitations on the OS level. I think the key travel is okay. It's not my favorite computer of all time (that's the iMac I'm sitting in front of most of the day), but it's good choice for a secondary device. Two (cautiously optimistic) thumbs up.