Top 5 Moments In History

Okay, I've been thinking about this, and here they are: The Top 5 moments in all of history.

5. The Invention Of The Wheel. A biggie, right off the bat. What a moment. Gave us all kinds of stuff: e-scooters, the hamster wheel, you name it! What a moment.
4. The Big Bang Boom! Bet all y'all had that 1, right? Yeah, it's the all-time first moment, buuuut, it's a bit flashy to be number 1, don't you think?
3. Guttenberg As in Steve.
2. Bacon.
1. That time I found a fiver at 3am, went to Mackie D, got a cheeseburger and they put an extra slice of cheese on there. Fucking A.