Rebooting The Black Dog Comics Website

I’m exhausted.

I mean, we're all exhausted now. You are inside and washing your hands constantly? Good. Keep doing that.

I wanted to write a big old blog post about this, and I still do. I will. But I don't have the stomach for it at the moment. I can only do a small one. Go visit and see what I've been working on for the past >insert time that doesn't sound ridiculous<.

It's a complete rewrite of a 20-year old site. The old color scheme is used to ease the transition, but other than that it's All-New. Rebooted. Like the X-Men. There is very little JavaScript. The site is actually fully operational without it; all the little bits and bobs on there are just conveniences. The way it should be. It's responsive, adheres to modern web standards, and buttons sort of, kinda look like buttons. Take that, flat-shaded minimalism! No trackers, no ad-tech, no garbage.

Obviously the content is all Black Dogs. Their comic book store is the finest in all of Berlin and one of my favorite places in the multiverse. Go visit once this Corona thing blows over, will ya? But until then:

Now's the perfect time to get some reading done!

I don't know if you've noticed it, but most stores are closed to foot traffic. That's probably not good for the bottom line. But! Mail order is still possible. Soooo. You can check out the newly designed website and browse to your hearts content. If you find something that piques your curiosity...Order It! Every little bit helps.

We're all in this together.

Finally, I would like to thank Dirk-Martin, Patrick, and Tobias (alphabetically) for their trust in me. I've greatly enjoyed working with you guys, and I'm looking forward to more of it. I've got feature ideas coming out of my ears. Black Dog Hoverboard anyone?!

(Sorry about all the bugs and stuff. I'll get right on fixing the next one.)

Oh, and before I forget:

If you like the design of that site, or this very site right here: you could totally hire me. I'm still between jobs. Just send me an electronic mail and we'll figure something out. We don't even have to meet in person because >manically waves hands<.

Stay safe, indoors, and WASH YOUR HANDS!