Music Stuff

A bunch of music related stuff:

Apple rebranded their Beats 1 radio station to Apple Radio 1 and added two more stations: Apple Hits and Apple Country. Naming aside, I think that's a good move. I like the radio station in theory, but more often than not find myself tuning it right when nothing I care about is on. More stations means more variety. I'm mostly interested in the Hits station. Listened to a couple of shows and it's good. Hits is a bit of a misnomer (what's up with the crack marketing department in regards to names?): It's really a "here's a bunch of music that isn't brand new" station. Which is right up my alley. Alanis Morissette has a show on there. Snoop has one. Huey Lewis has one. The Backstreet Boys have one. That sort of thing. has a Mac app now, which is delightful. It's themed just like the website; fantasy Mac OS from the 90s. I can't abide by background music coming from the browser, so this is perfect for when I want to listen to some smooth tunes. Little feature request: I'd love to get rid of the Dock icon and have it appear in the menu bar, kinda like Tot.

Finally, an iOS app called Longplay. Longplay has a very simple premise: Play entire albums from your music library, sorted by various criteria like recency or album cover color. It's that simple. It's a feature Apple Music should have, but doesn't. I gladly paid the 3,49 Euro to get easy access to all the albums I've added to my library but never listen to. (It's a lot.)