Breaking Out Of Fear

Inspired by the various "A Game A Week" things on the interwebs, but constrained by a day job, a side gig, Euro 2020, and two kids, I decided to try to put together "Two Games A Month". I'm shooting for two weeks development time, but who knows. Might be less, might be more. The point is to overcome the fear of finishing, which is closeley related to the fear of sharing. It's fear all the way down.

The first thing I did was Breakout) for the Playdate. I'm on the finishing line, Friday is the two weeks cut-off. It works, and it's only missing a few more levels, some sound effects, and a menu. That's doable, but I won't feel bad if it turns out to be Monday or Tuesday, though.

I don't know if (or how) I can release it right now, I'd have to check with the terms of the Playdate SDK. You can only play if you have one anyway, and it really is just a bare-minimum Breakout. There are a million places to get it. I wanted to have something to do that's not super distracting while I wait for the Gitlab Pipelines to finish (Web Developer for "Compiling") and now I do. It's fun!

I think the next thing I'm gonna do is a tiny platformer, also for Playdate. That little console is such a delight. Onwards!