Dialog Tree

I've been busy working on a dialog system for the Playdate. It's my third "game" that I'm working on for my Two Games A Month initiative. It's nothing complicated, but I always need a moment moving my headspace between Python and Lua. Both are good languages to work with for me, because they allow rapid prototyping, but they have, eh, quirks that are unique to them. Lua's whole "we don't have classes, but we have this thing called tables…" thing is kind of cool, but it's so different from everything I've used before that I always need a second to adjust. I'm writing a bunch of helper functions to get them to where I want and also to understand what's happening.

But overall I'm really enjoying the fact that the SDK is basically knowable; the surface just isn't that big and the hardware limitations (1-bit screen, physical size) preclude certain kinds of games. So there's not even a tempation to think about a big, sprawling 3D adventure, because the platform itself couldn't sustain it. Limitations feed creatitity and all that. I'm having a blast.

Little note to self: I should really, really start posting on the dev forums. There are other people working on this stuff out there!